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1940s style Women’s Land Army Rag Doll


Meet Beattie , she is a Women’s Land army rag doll and is ready for duty !
I use original vintage or reproduction 30s and 40s fabrics for their head scarfs and blouses finished off with tiny vintage mother of pearl buttons, their overalls are made from cotton fabric and I hand knit their gorgeous 40s style jumper. They have hand sewn felt boots and their glorious 40s hair is coiffured needle felted wool .
I embroider their faces and add a Made by Mim heart tattoo on their arm, a little daring for a 40s land girl, but I like to think my girls are all a little bit sassy !
They are approx 22"tall. Due to the delicate nature of my dolls they are not suitable for children and are display pieces only, their outfits are all carefully hand stitched in place and are not removable.

All my dolls are hand stitched and are therefore all completely individual no two are exactly the same, each doll has a reproduction 1940s identity card with her own unique make number and date She was made .

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